A Failed Experiment – Ellen

I studied my class timetable as I walked down the corridor. I had all of my books ready in hand for Science class. Science isn’t my best subject, and I’ve never passed a science exam. But I was particularly excited for today’s class. Mr. Higgins said that we would be mixing chemicals today. As I reached the classroom, there was a lot of fuss and commotion among the other pupils. In my school, nobody takes it seriously. But at last, Mr. Higgins brought the disturbance to a grinding halt. We all set our tubes out on the table, alongside our ingredients. He was calling out the formula, but I didn’t understand the instructions. Kit and Amy were too busy chatting away in front of me, and I couldn’t hear a thing. I just added in random ingredients, which definitely didn’t belong in the formula. “Now, add the reactor to the mixture,” Mr. Higgins requested. There were only two cups of solution left, and I really didn’t know which to add. I picked the first one, but I waited for everyone else to pour theirs in first. They poured it in, and it fizzed, but not too much. Then I poured mine in, and… POOF! The entire concoction flew up out of the tube and gushed out. It dripped onto the floor, and down the leg of the table. Everyone laughed at me as I tried to clean the frothy mess that was all over the floor.