Ugh Monday again.Anoher day ,another job interview .Lately I’ve been trying to get a cooking job at most restaurants but they all cut me off so far. So here i am starting a new day.Oh shoot my interview is in five minuets and I’m not even dressed.I brushed my teeth I got dressed and rushed out the door.I ran as fast as my legs could take me.When I arrived at my destination something about the place didn’t look right.The pavement was cracked,the window was smashed,and the door said ”Do not disturb ”.On the sheet it said the instructions for what you have to do when you get there if it was your first interview.But I couldn’t follow the instructions.Then suddenly I felt something grab my mouth and pull me in the building.There were two men wearing masks and they had my credit card they stole my identity.It was…. despicable ……..


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