Once upon a time there was a king called Conor the ruler of lands. He ruled all of Europe but this was medieval time so he had a massive army to defend against other kingdoms he had won most of his battles but many men have died in battle. There was a knight that was the best Sir. SAM the best knight in the kingdom there was also a very rich princess called Alice Morin who had a lot of land because her father was friends with king Conor. One day princess Morin got kidnaped by a dragon known as Rachel the dragon Sir.SAM went to kill the dragon but needed a special shield thats fireproof. The Jester Matty was making the shield and was hard to make said the jester I’m just the prince but i didn’t understand the instructions I’m only 11 too. Sir. SAM went to save princess Morin the jester brought the shield they killed the dragon and saved the princess.


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