“The plane, Captain it’s going down!” the co-pilot said.

“Do you not think I know that Jade?”The Pilot exclaimed,”Go and Announce it, Tell them to put their life jackets on and prepare for emergency landing!”

So that’s what I did but it didn’t come how it was supposed to, It was more like                          “Fasten your seatbelts, um no put your helmets on, no?”

But before i could spit the right words out the plane went down.

The Pilot and I were the only survivors…

We made it to an Island near by.

“what happened? what did you tell them? why did nobody have their life jackets on? It’s all your fault!” He said

“B-But I didn’t understand the instructions, I choked on my words” I said as I burst into tears and I’ll always have to live with the fact that i am responsible…



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