Teacup Terror – Akeisha


The Place of beauty and Hope turned, demonic.

This story is not a fairy tail to read to children, yet the children are the victims…

Montpelier Hill, a simple school tour for 4th class 1976,

“Ok class lets go it’s time to leave the castle” Ms. Montegomery shouted, starting to loose her temper.

A few of my classmates and I had been sniggering earlier that day so our teacher said that we would have a time out in the dark and cold teacup of terror as punishment.

“No girls you stay in the teacup for 13 minutes, Rumour has it that, that teacup has evil spirits inside” she said as my friends and I tried to walk back to the bus.

Luckily i made it out after the 13 minutes but the rest didn’t…



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