A Menacing Giant – Ellen

Safiya roamed through the desolate forest, in hopes of finding a berry bush she could satisfy her never ending hunger with. She had built a hut from sticks, which was quickly discarded by the hunting dogs that ran through the green plains. Starting all over again, she did this many times. Each time she had tried to support herself, everything was ruined. She had nowhere to go. Past the oak trees, through the thick patches of grass, she spotted a tea cup. A rather large tea cup. Infact, this tea cup was so large you could fit an entire family inside of it. Wiping the sweat from her forhead, she lay inside of it. Suddenly, a strike of thunder hit the ground before her, lifting flowers from their beds, and trees from their roots. She looked around her, what was going on? She had a quick glimpse at the sky, and her heart sunk. A giant was hurling thunder and rain from the palms of his hands. That must’ve been where the tea cup came from.

But what was the giant’s purpose…

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