The Race -By Nelia

”Let’s go everybody,” shouted the teacher. We don’t want to be late. We arrived at half past eight that morning. We were all a nervous wreck standing at the  bright red  starting line. My stomach was making really odd rumbling noises and I felt like I was about to  faint. My legs felt like jelly and my arms felt heavy. Suddenly I heard the buzzer to start  .”Here we go ”, I said to myself . I started running as fast as my legs could carry me hoping that I was  not the person who was going to be left behind .Our  school was doing really well  and so was I , we were moving very fast when suddenly we all fell over each other  and started falling one at a time like dominoes. ”NO ”,we shouted at the top of our voices . What were we  going to do we couldn’t lose the  race not this one anyway.


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