the Party – Noah

My friend Toby and I went to a party one night. When we decided that we had had enough we went to our homes. While we were walking Toby said he heard strange noises which is strange because this part of my neighbourhood was quiet and it was really late. I told him that it was nothing and we should continue. A while later I heard it too and I saw someone watching us from the trees, they were holding a knife.I grabbed him and started running. I heard chasing, we were running really fast when I heard Toby scream. I looked back and saw them.


One thought on “the Party – Noah

  1. Hi Noah,
    This is a really creative idea- well done! You built up the tension well and your story is largely accurate. I wonder who was chasing them? I’m curious to know how this story would continue…
    Thanks for taking part in 100WC this week.
    Hannah (Team 100) -Birmingham, UK


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