What a Strange Planet – Ellen

A small family of Iyanoids travelled from their native planet, to Earth. How they arrived, I cannot reveal. But the journey from their planet PH1b to Earth, was a difficult task. It was 5,000 light years away from home. They couldn’t bring anything, or anyone else but themselves. Their arrival shocked many citizens, as they had never seen anything like them. They ran away screaming. Mothers grabbing their babies and young children letting out ear-piercing shrieks you could hear from a mile away. The Iyanoids didn’t understand. They weren’t here to hurt anyone, or anything for that matter. They were curious as to what this planet had in store for them. They had thought about staying there, as it seemed quite decent. But after the shrieks and terror, they had quickly changed their minds. They departed from this strange, foreign planet, and never returned.


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