Three Stone People-By Nikolas

My two friends and I went on holidays to Norway. My friends are called Matthew and Tom. We went to restaurant to get food and we saw three statues. We asked a man around us and he said that it was a family that where turned into stone 3800 years ago. They where turned into stone by a very evil man who had super powers and whoever was in his way they where turned into stone but eventually they managed to capture him. I don’t know if that is true but thats what the man said and for the rest of the knit I  could not stop thinking about it.


One thought on “Three Stone People-By Nikolas

  1. Hi Nikolas,
    It sounds as if your story could be a legend. The Legend of the……?
    I’m glad they caught the evil man!
    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Kimball, Team 100
    A.E.Wright Middle School
    Calabasas, CA USA


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