The sound of statues by sarah

Rushing,rushing. Five steps to the traffic light ,  left ,  right . Rush to work… I stop.Those statues . Every single time I pass them I have to stop  . Everything  about them is just… wrong . Why are they even there ? Especially with all the …incidents. I am about to turn away  when I hear something . Something whispering . I lean closer to the statues and hear it again . What is it ? ”It is coming ” I hear . This is not right . I want to run but   I’m frozen . I  can feel  hands on my shoulders and suddenly I am falling , falling into a world of mirrors .


One thought on “The sound of statues by sarah

  1. Hi Sarah, this is a very creative response to the photo challenge. You have used lots of different techniques to engage the reader. I was intrigued and wanted to read on to find out what would happen. It would be great to read your next 500 words.


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