The Punishment – Akeisha

Dear Diary,                                                                                    11:35AM                         23/5/1988

I’m in class right now, my teacher thinks I’m writing my Irish down I’m not, because I just HAD to tell you this,

So there’s this REALLY ANNOYING girl in my Irish class, Layla, and guess what she did today, she spelled 3 wrong like it’s obviously   T,H,R,E,E  Oops got to go, my teacher’s coming



Amanda never wrote in this diary again.

Layla was autistic and trying to cope with bullying every day.

This was just one page in Amanda’s diary there were many many more, all about Layla but she didn’t just write about her, she also bullied her on yard, before school and after school and Amanda needed a punishment.

The teacher found out, then told the Deputy Principal and he told the Principal,

The school contacted Amanda’s parents immediately and they agreed to the school’s plan.

Amanda would be frozen, frozen still and frozen in time …

For years and years and years


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