The consequence – By: Rachel

The Stags came bounding into our house. They tackled poor father first but from what I know now I have no pity for him. One of the youngest Stags charged into my mother and struck her with his bat. I tried to escape…they shot me. I blacked out for as long as I can remember. When I awoke I was incased in plaster and decorated in marble and stone. Sometimes I can hear my father shouting at the men with children and wives,”Don’t do what I did”, but he’s incased in plaster no one can hear him, except us. My mother never talks. The last time I heard her speak was when she cried in pain, when the Stags were beating her.


One thought on “The consequence – By: Rachel

  1. Hi Rachel,

    This is quite a dark story but very creative and intriguing! I wonder what the father did? You manage to make it an emotional story- the part at the end about the mother is very sad. Your use of short sentences also helps make it dramatic and tense- well done!

    Thanks for taking part in 100WC this week.
    Hannah (Team 100) -Birmingham, UK


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