Out Of This World: Alice Bell

“So it’s the only one of its kind. Would I be right in saying that?” asked the sinister scientist. “Yes but they prefer to go by he or she, after all they are humans. Well kind of,” answered the nervous intern, straightening his white jacket. “We’ll have to let them go as soon as possible or release the news that we found life on another planet to the public.” They both stared through the spotless glass out the alien creatures. With their stone bodies and shiny faces they really were out of this world. “Are they dangerous?” continued the scientist. “No, not that we know of.” As if he jinxed it as he finished his sentence the stone alien jumped through the glass and hurled itself at them…


One thought on “Out Of This World: Alice Bell

  1. Hi Alice,
    Great story! I haven’t read one where the statues are aliens yet. Brilliant idea! I really liked the way you gave both of the speaking characters personality in just 100 words. The “straightening his white jacket” line was a neat touch which instantly showed the intern’s anxiety. The dialogue between the characters seemed natural and flowed really well especially towards the end in the build up to the climax. Good twist at the end when the alien attacked the scientist. Keep up the good work,
    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK


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