Missing – Conor

A family of four on a shopping trip, searching the town for some nice clothes, had a perfectly normal day. Their names were Brian – the Dad, Ryan – the younger brother, Emily – the Mam and Jerry – the older brother. The day was almost over and they went to a restaurant for dinner. After their dinner, they started going to the car when suddenly, Jerry realised that Ryan was missing. They searched everywhere but couldn’t find him. They wondered if he had been kidnapped or just got lost. Where ever he was, they didn’t know where he was, and that they may not ever see him again.


One thought on “Missing – Conor

  1. Hi Conor,
    So the family of stone is a regular family? I like how you took this angle. Most wrote about how the family turned into stone. Creative!
    Keep writing!

    Mrs. Kimball, Team 100

    A.E.Wright Middle School

    Calabasas, CA USA


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