The red snake

Red, before, snake,clock and I think something about cycled.Those are the words that I heard coming out of the stone heart  history teacher not that those words had anything to do history.History is always boring.As I got home my mom was cooking in the kitchen as I rushed upstairs.When I got up in my room I found red snake and antique clock that kept going backwards with both hands and a hamster cycled. By the time I knew it, the dark red coloured snake slithered in between by legs so I screamed my heart out with fear and dashed downstairs as fast as my legs could carry me.As I entered the kitchen gasping  for my words my mom looked at me with such worry.As I caught up with my breath I explained what surprise I found on my bed then shivered a bit from my shoulder then something with its sharp eyes hissed and bit my leg, it sent me into a state of shock, and I turned around…….


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