An Egyptian Curse – Ellen

 Prince Abanoub, lived in a palace in the desert. His father had been cursed by a sorceress. What was the curse, you ask? A disease that only a sacred antidote could cure, and was out of reach. But Abanoub never truly loved his father, he had been waiting for his death for years. After he had became a prince, he had locked his father in the dungeons below. Snakes nibbled at his father’s feet and hissed in his ears. But Abanoub didn’t know, that the curse would be passed down to younger generations. He sat on his throne, watching the time fly by on the bronze clock hung on the wall. A man cycled through the stone gateway in front of his palace to deliver Abanoub a message. Once he reached the main door, he knocked gently. The doors swung open before him, and he strolled in. “Who are you,” Abanoub demanded. The man cleared his throat, and kneeled in front of him. “I have a message from Anaia, the sorceress.” He replied. Abanoub snatched the letter written in red ink from the man’s hand and scanned through the words. It said: Abanoub, I have received news that your father is about to die. Although I do not feel sorrow, I know what you have done to him in the past.” This shocked him. How did she know that his father was imprisoned? He crumpled up the paper and threw it at the man. “This is despicable!” He yelled. “Bring Anaia to the palace, this instant.” The man looked horrified, and bolted out of the palace to fetch her.


One thought on “An Egyptian Curse – Ellen

  1. Nice job! I liked the entire story and how you put effort into it. I really liked the ending with the sorceress and how the prince was infuriated.


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