A day in my life… – Rachel

This happens every Saturday but this time it was a little different and by a little I mean a lot. Normally what happens is the clock starts ticking really fast and it starts moving like there’s something behind it. I’ve gotten used to it. This Saturday it did the exact same thing but the clock started moving a lot and made noises. All of sudden I look over and there’s some sort of red liquid pouring out of the clock.  A snake starts coming out of the crack in our wall. I was petrified at this point.  I go to get my bike out of the shed. I cycled all the way down our little hill. I look behind me, red liquid is pouring down the hill. I run into Sally’s house and shout, ” Look!”. Sally just looks behind me and says “There’s nothing there”.


One thought on “A day in my life… – Rachel

  1. Rachel,
    Your use of the word PETRIFIED was perfect. I would have felt the same way as your protagonist. I wonder where she got the power to cycle all the way to Sally’s house. And, OH MY! How she must have felt to discover it was all in her imagination?!
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, GES, Guilderland, NY, USA


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