The Unknown Superhero – Sean F

There was a new superhero in town. He was unknown until today. He heard the loud alarms from the biggest bank in the town. He ran fast and quick,  jumping from buildings to buildings. He got there in a flash. No one knew where he came from and who or what it was. When he got there he jumped of the roof and landed right in front of the entrance. When he got in, the thieves shot him with their SMG’s because they didn’t know what it was, it was as big and as tall as a human but it was a ginourmous


One thought on “The Unknown Superhero – Sean F

  1. Hi Sean,
    I like the mystery that shrouds your superhero. You really grab the readers attention with your short sentences. I also like how you build the character through his actions. As you have written your story from your superheroes perspective it would be good to maybe explore the same action from other characters points view. Maybe the story from the thieves point of view. I enjoyed your exciting start to a story.

    Mrs Clare Team100
    Nagoya, Japan.


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