The Living Clay – Noah.

In an abandoned research laboratory found deep underground that was thought to be used by an extinct species. A team of miners had found it when they were searching for gold. All they could find was one pot of strange liquid. When one man put his hand in it. He froze, followed by an agonising scream. Then his hand fell of and started to move. It started grabbing on to the other miners and turning them into sentient,boiling hot, clay. When scientists examined the clay it was 34 percent of it was a human brain, it has been sealed underground ever since.


One thought on “The Living Clay – Noah.

  1. Hi Noah,
    This is a great story! I love the opening sentence which has so much detail and sets the scene vividly. Your use of verbs creates great scenes.
    The ending is brilliant as it creates an air of mystery. As a reader it has prompted me ask questions such as ‘will it ever be discovered again?’ ‘will it have changed underground over time or be the same?’

    Keep up the good work!


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