Creature – By: Rachel

I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I just keep telling myself this until I believe it. I saw it. The most overwhelming, glorious, stunning, breathtaking creature I have ever seen. It was on top of our school. I told all my…friends. Oh, and by friends I mean were my friends after I kept asking them, ” Do you see the hand?Look at it, isn’t it astounding”. That night it came to my windowsill . It talked to me in gibberish. I had no clue what it was saying, yet I felt like it was plotting something, something evil. The next day there had been a murder… in my school!


One thought on “Creature – By: Rachel

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I loved the opening of your story – the repetition of ‘I’m not crazy’ set the scene for something very unusual and the rest of the story developed that idea. The sequence of adjectives you used to describe the creature was very effective in showing the reader the impact that it had on you.


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